R400 (Region 4 - No Council)Type: CouncilURL:
R4 (Central USA - Region 4)Type: RegionURL:
CH04100 (Central Iowa Section Chapter,C16)Type: Chapter
CH04139 (Central Iowa Section Chapter, MAG33)Type: ChapterURL:
CH04084 (Central Iowa Section Jt. Chapter, SP01/CAS04/COM19)Type: Joint Chapter
CH04101 (Central Iowa Section Chapter,PE31)Type: Chapter
SBC00761 (Iowa State University,C16)Type: Student Branch Chapter
STB00761 (Iowa State University)Type: Student BranchURL:
CH04082 (Cedar Rapids/Cen Iowa Jt. Section Chapter, MTT17)Type: Joint Chapter
STB00771 (University of Iowa)Type: Student Branch
HKN013 (Iowa State University, Nu)Type: Affinity
HKN033 (University of Iowa,Beta Iota)Type: Affinity
CH04146 (Central Iowa Section Chapter, CS23)Type: Chapter
SBC00761A (Iowa State University,PE31)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC00761B (Iowa State University,EMB18)Type: Student Branch Chapter