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Eastern Iowa Consultants Network: Spotlight On Brew Data

Eastern Iowa Consultants Network:
Spotlight On Brew Data

Monday, April 4th, 6pm @ Dublin City

Please join fellow Eastern Iowa Consultants, IEEE members and guests for a presentation by Matt Nowick founder of Brew Data.  Matt will cover his accumulated technologies in his engineering quest through England, Colorado, Antarctica, and finally to Iowa. Select...Read More »

The Business of Technical Consulting

The Business of Technical Consulting

Co-sponsored by Cedar Rapids Section Eastern Iowa Consultants Network

Tuesday June 17, 2014 @ 5:30p.m.
Cedar Rapids Downtown Library

Click here for more info.

...Read More »

2013 IEEE-USA Consultants Fee Survey Report

Please contact Daniel Roesler for details on this survey.

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Eastern Iowa Consultants Network

Eastern Iowa IEEE Consultants Network Report Vision Synopsis

4-21-2013 by Dan Roesler

Eastern Iowa contains many individuals with professional skills across a variety of engineering disciplines.  The IEEE covers many different societies of advancing engineering development as seen in the multitude...Read More »