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Cedar Rapids Section EMC-S Chapter Meeting

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Cedar Rapids Section EMC-S Chapter Meeting


Wednesday, October 26 at the Clarion Hotel in Cedar Rapids

This will be a technical meeting featuring a presentation on:

Probe Compensation for Finding Electric & Magnetic Fields in Near Field Scanning

Near field scanning of pc boards and similar electronic devices or systems can be a valuable tool in determining EMC performance of a new design or troubleshooting problems with an existing one. A sometimes overlooked issue when applying the special probes used for these investigations is the perturbation effects that the probe has on the actual field around the DUT. This presentation examines these effects and develops the mathematical description of the EM environment and shows the compensation required to offset the probe’s effects.

The speaker will be:  Prof. Richard E. DuBroff, Illinois State University, Physics Dept.

More information / registration here.

Modern Methods for Microwave Filter Synthesis

Monday, September 14th, 2015

Modern Methods for Microwave Filter Synthesis

Monday, September 21, 2015, 5:30 – 7:30 pm  @ The Cedar Rapids Public Library

Speaker: Professor Richard Cameron (C.Eng, FIEEE, FIET)

The presentation will focus on the coupling matrix representation of microwave filter electrical networks and the many opportunities for advanced microwave filter design that it opens up.  Although there are a number of commercial software tools available for the design of such filters, they are often applied without proper understanding of the Professor Richard Cameronfundamentals involved or awareness of alternative designs better suited to the specifications in hand, resulting in a device which is sub-optimal in terms of electrical and mechanical performance. Younger upcoming designers tend to rely on these packages, largely due to a scarcity of reference works and journal articles on the subject of modern filter network synthesis methods.

These state-of-the-art filter synthesis methods will be presented along with the new possibilities for meeting the very stringent specifications demanded by modern telecommunication, broadcast, radar and scientific/earth observation satellite systems in a style that minimizes mathematics and jargon.

More information / registration here.

Download flyer.

Applications and Configurations of EMC Power Line Filters + Upcoming Changes to CISPR Standards

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Applications and Configurations of EMC Power Line Filters + Upcoming Changes to CISPR Standards

Wednesday, December 10th @ The Cedar Rapids Public Library

Knowing how to select the correct EMC filters for power line applications is an important function during equipment or system design. Not only is the filter circuit type important, but so is consideration of proper configuration and grounding. For those engineers dealing with international markets and requirements, information on upcoming changes to applicable CISPR standards will be presented.

Please join us prior to the business and technical meeting for Meet & Greet time, as well as peer networking. A variety of pizzas and soft drinks will be available.

Speaker: Mr. David Armitage, Engineering and QC Manager for Schaffner EMC, Inc., will present this important information. David has a BSEE and MBA from Wilkes University and Pepperdine University respectively, and he has worked in the EMC industry for over 20 years. David is currently engineering manager for Schaffner EMC. In this role he manages the engineering, design, quality and technical efforts for North and South America. David assists customers with their particular EMI and power quality compliance issues. Prior to his work at Schaffner, David worked in an EMC compliance test house. Here he tested various products to ensure they met the various FCC, CE and Mil standards. David was the Expert for Interference Technology’s “Ask the Expert” EMI filtering forum and Co-Authored an article for EC&M magazine.

No admission charge for the meeting only; $7.50 for food and beverages.

NO FOOD CHARGE for Undergrad Engineering Students

Register here.

Downloadable Flyer:  EMCS Meeting Notice 12-14


EMC Measurement Antenna Calibrations

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

EMC May 2014

EMC Welcome Post

Friday, January 10th, 2014

The EMC chapter has been in Cedar Rapids Section since 2013 and was organized by Dale Svetanoff. The primary motivation for openning this chapter was to set up a means for working EMC engineers and technical people to have a networking and technical platform available to help them further their careers.

EMC Chair | Dale SvetanoffDale Svetanoff

Dale Svetanoff worked in telecommunications, medical and industrial electronics, RF shielding, and aerospace over his 44 year career. He was involved with EMC – related design and problem solving for more than 30 of those years. Companies included Lindgren RF Enclosures (now ETS-Lindgren) and Rockwell Collins, as well as several firms no longer in business. Dale is presently working as a Senior EMC Engineering consultant as part of his business, E-N-A Systems, LLC, located in Monticello, IA. Dale was appointed to be Chair of the IEEE EMC Society Standards Project of IEEE-Std-299-1997, as well as 299-2006. He was also an invited participant from industry in the writing of MIL-STD-188-124 and -125. In addition to his EMC-related activities, Dale is also an active seller on eBay of vintage electronic items, specializing in test and communications equipment. Dale has been a licensed Amateur Radio operator since 1962 and is currently Iowa Technical Coordinator for the ARRL, as well as the Jones County Emergency Coordinator for the Amateur Radio Emergency Service.