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Cedar Rapids Section EMC-S Chapter Meeting

Cedar Rapids Section EMC-S Chapter Meeting


Wednesday, October 26 at the Clarion Hotel in Cedar Rapids

This will be a technical meeting featuring a presentation on:

Probe Compensation for Finding Electric & Magnetic Fields in Near Field Scanning

Near field scanning of pc boards and similar electronic devices or systems can be a valuable tool in determining EMC performance of a new design or troubleshooting problems with an existing one. A sometimes overlooked issue when applying the special probes used for these investigations is the perturbation effects that the probe has on the actual field around the DUT. This presentation examines these effects and develops the mathematical description of the EM environment and shows the compensation required to offset the probe’s effects.

The speaker will be:  Prof. Richard E. DuBroff, Illinois State University, Physics Dept.

More information / registration here.

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