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EMC Welcome Post

The EMC chapter has been in Cedar Rapids Section since 2013 and was organized by Dale Svetanoff. The primary motivation for openning this chapter was to set up a means for working EMC engineers and technical people to have a networking and technical platform available to help them further their careers.

EMC Chair | Dale SvetanoffDale Svetanoff

Dale Svetanoff worked in telecommunications, medical and industrial electronics, RF shielding, and aerospace over his 44 year career. He was involved with EMC – related design and problem solving for more than 30 of those years. Companies included Lindgren RF Enclosures (now ETS-Lindgren) and Rockwell Collins, as well as several firms no longer in business. Dale is presently working as a Senior EMC Engineering consultant as part of his business, E-N-A Systems, LLC, located in Monticello, IA. Dale was appointed to be Chair of the IEEE EMC Society Standards Project of IEEE-Std-299-1997, as well as 299-2006. He was also an invited participant from industry in the writing of MIL-STD-188-124 and -125. In addition to his EMC-related activities, Dale is also an active seller on eBay of vintage electronic items, specializing in test and communications equipment. Dale has been a licensed Amateur Radio operator since 1962 and is currently Iowa Technical Coordinator for the ARRL, as well as the Jones County Emergency Coordinator for the Amateur Radio Emergency Service.


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