IEEE Cedar Rapids Section


3D Printing. It’s Really Real!

Co-sponsored by CRIEEE Computer Society Chapter
Thursday, February, 20, 2014 @ The Cedar Rapids Science Station

3d printing

What will you print? Clothes? Tools? Toys?   3D printing has come to life right before our eyes. One day, in the not so distant future, I believe most every home will have a printing system comparable to that sci-fi replicator we are all familiar with from Star Trek. Though that time is yet to come, we are well on the way..

In this presentation, I will start with a brief explanation of 3D Printing technology today, with my personal outlook on the future of this tech as well. From there, we will demonstrate 3D printing in action. We will also have a handful of 3D printed items for you to see, touch, and feel.

The goal is to help with understanding, and in turn bring 3D printing to the public.

Please register to ensure adequate refreshments and seating.

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