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Annual Holiday GOLD Event!

Annual GOLD Holiday Event, Joint with WIE and Life Members!

The IEEE Cedar Rapids Section, along with Women In Engineering (WIE) and Life Members, invites your family, friends and guests to the Red Cedar Lodge at Squaw Creek Park for food, a warm fireplace, a family movie, and the opportunity to network with fellow members. This event will be held on Friday, Jan. 7, 2011.   To register, please click on the GOLD Holiday Event Link under Upcoming Events at the top right of this page!

Squaw Creek Park is just south of Marion, off the Collins Road bypass. The Red Cedar Lodge is the second lodge (and last) lodge on the access road. Map details are at:

This can be difficult to find at night, so please print out the map if you have any doubts.

Doors open at 5:30 for setup, a spaghetti meal with salad and drinks will be served at 6. The movie will start at 6:45. You may bring your own drinks/beverages or treats, if you wish. Surprise us! Milk, pop, coffee and tea will be provided.

This event is targeted at GOLD members, WIE members, and especially those members with younger children.   As always, your friends, neighbors and guests are welcome. We especially encourage you to let prospective members know about this, and invite them to the event.

The movie usually ends about 8:30, early enough for the wee ones to get home and in bed. There will be endless bowls of popcorn for the movie, smores makings, and a cozy rug and pillows to flop on.   If you wish, you may bring your own pillows, blankets, fuzzy house shoes, stuffed animals and anything else that will make you feel comfortable while viewing the movie. PJs on the kids are fine. PJs on the adults are, well, up to you.

Price is $7 per adult, maximum $14 per family. Children under 18 are free.  Please register by noon on Thursday, Jan 6, 2011 so we know how much food to order. We usually get at least one bucket of marinara sauce for the spaghetti.

If there is snow, bring a sled or saucer along. The hill next to the lodge has about the best sledding around. It used to be a ski run, so the hill can be quite a challenge.

It would be a great help if a few people can arrive early to set up tables and chairs, and also for a few people to stay a few minutes late to put tables/chairs away and clean up. There are a few other tasks that could use volunteers, such as picking up the food, purchasing drinks and paper plates, etc. Contact Gary at 319-295-2780 for info.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your family at the Red Cedar Lodge!

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