Link to Paper Submission System

This year, we welcome papers from two categories: Algorithmic papers and
Application papers.

If your paper focuses on proposing new idea or concept of algorithms,
select “Algorithmic.”
If your paper focuses on modifying algorithms to apply to new or
specific problems, select “Application,” and select one of application
areas in your research topic selection.

Your selection leads to review from different aspects.
Algorithmic papers show their effectiveness by comparing with
conventional algorithms.
Application papers show their modification from standard algorithms to
apply their algorithms to new or specific problems.

Those papers are presented in oral or poster sessions.

To submit your paper, please visit following link.

For Reviewers
Thank you very much for agreeing to review papers submitted to CEC2015.
Invitation to the review system has been sent if you are a reviewer.
Please use the following link to login the system. Your work is vital to
raise the quality of CEC2015.