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Lecture series announcement – International Francqui Chair Series

International Francqui Chair Lecture Series


Prof. Robert Calderbank

Duke University

International Francqui Chair holder supported by
VUB (Free University of Brussels), UGent, UC Louvain, KU Leuven, and ULB Brussels.
January to June 2018


Prof. Calderbank is going to deliver a series of lectures at VUB, UGent, UCLouvain, KULeuven, and ULB on a rich set of subjects revolving around electrical engineering, applied mathematics and computer science.


Lecture at the University Foundation in Brussels, Jan 18, 2018
Title: Remembering Shannon

Lecture at VUB, Feb 15, 2018
Title: Recent Developments in Quantum Computing

Lecture at UGent, Mar 1, 2018
Title: Enhancing Resolution in Undersampled Physical Imaging

Lecture at UCLouvain, Mar 22, 2018
Title: Golay, Heisenberg and Weyl

Lecture at KULeuven, Apr 27, 2018
Title: 5G Wireless

Lecture at ULB/VUB, May 3, 2018
Title: Coding Theory and Computer Architecture

Lecture at VUB, May 18
Title: Data+