IEEE Benelux COM/VT Jt. Chapter


Distinguished Lecture Tour – Networking in the Big Data Era

The  IEEE Benelux Joint Chapter on Communications and Vehicular Technology organizes a Distinguished Lecture Tour on

Networking in the Big Data Era


Prof. Nelson Luis Saldanha da Fonseca

University of Campinas, Brazil


September 11, 2015, at 9h30AM in Ghent, Belgium 

Research group IBCN, Ghent University – iMinds / Meeting room C3.02
Zuiderpoort Office Park, Block C0
Gaston Crommenlaan 8, bus 201
BE-9050 Gent, Belgium
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Abstract: The volume of data being produced today is increasing to astronomical levels; such huge volumes of data are currently known as Big Data. Indeed, the recent introduction of smartphones and tablets, together with the widespread use of social networks, has even turned individuals into active sources of data production. Facebook receives approximately 30 billion uploads every month, implying a daily generation of 10 terabytes (TB) of data, while Twitter generates more than 7 TB of data every single day. Equally important is the information generated by the use of 5 billion mobile phones worldwide. These realms of data must also be processed to transform them into useful information and discover hidden inter-data relationships. Today, we are on the verge of a new era, and advancement will depend crucially on our capacity for effective and efficient communication of such enormous quantities of data.  In consonance, in this lecture the major challenges for networking technology in the provisioning of communication in the emerging era of Big Data are discussed.


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