IEEE Baton Rouge Section


LSU A&M Fall 2013 Activities

  • General Meeting- September 11th, 2013: This was an intro meeting to introduce bylaws and get feedback from lsu on how we can make IEEE better.
  • Robotics Team Interest Meeting- October 7th, 2013: We had a special topics meeting to see who would be interested in a robotics club meeting. During this meeting, I was given suggestions on how the club or interest group could be ran. We realized that we would need funding, so the biggest part of this project would be writing proposals and seeing who is interested in sponsoring us.
  • General Meeting- October 21st, 2013: Motorola Solutions came and brought a full team. Their presentation was pretty detailed, and we learned a lot. They also brought a few pieces of the technology that they work with.
  •  General Meeting-  October 30th, 2013: Dupont was our last meeting of the semester. It was a very friendly, casual presentation that left the audience with lots of questions.