Abdullah Ash- Saki

Student Activities Chair

Hi, I am Abdullah Ash- Saki – Student Activities Coordinator for IEEE Bangladesh Section. I lead the alpha team aka The Student Activities Committee of Bangladesh Section. I have been an IEEE member for past 6 years since my university days. Me and my team are continuously working to create a uniform world class membership experience for our student members.

Md Romael Haque

Section Student Representative

Mohi Reza

Content & Presentation

Hi, I’m Mohi.

Minimalist. Technophile. Armchair Philosopher.

My involvement with IEEE began back in August of 2016. I write compelling content and create engaging presentations for this wonderful team, with the common goal of helping student members get the most out of their IEEE membership. In addition, I serve as the chair of my university’s IEEE Student Branch at BRACU.

Mehedi Hasan Chowdhury

Social Media Coordinator

Sayeda Sumaiya Qadery

Social Media Coordinator

Abdullah Al Mamun

Social Media Coordinator

Hello, This is Abdullah Al Mamun. “Sharing is Caring”, keeping up with this motto, I work as a Social Media Coordinator for the energetic IEEE BDS SAC TEAM. My job is to share the latest information, upcoming news, insights, most importantly the benefits of becoming an IEEE Member and managing contact between SAC & Students Branches. I’ve been an IEEE member for almost 1 year and It feels great to contribute for IEEE. #ieeeforlife

Ahmad Sakib Sadman

Graphics Designer

Kimia Tuz Zaman

Graphics Designer

Nouf Nur Nabilah

Graphics Designer

Shaer Ahmed

Content & Presentation Coordinator

Shaer Ahmed has been an active member of IEEE since the end of 2015. His volunteering for IEEE started as the Webmaster in the executive committee of 2016 of IEEE AUST Student Branch. Shaer is currently volunteering for the IEEE Bangladesh Section as a part of the Student Activities Committee (SAC) as the Content and Presentation Coordinator. He also volunteered as ambassadors for the IEEE Xtreme 10.0 programming competition in 2016 and IEEE Day in 2017. He has been serving as the Vice Chair of his student branch at Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, where he is pursuing his B. Sc. degree in EEE.

Raihanul Haque

Logistics Executive

Md. A. N. Jumaed

Logistics Executive

Hi. I’m JUMAED. I’m a tech enthusiast who loves to explore new technologies. As an undergraduate studying CSE at Daffodil International University. I joined IEEE in 2015. Now I am the Vice-Chair of IEEE Daffodil International University Student Branch. Currently, I am volunteering in IEEE BDS SAC team as Logistics Executive.

Md. Abirul Islam

Logistics Executive

My Skills