Branch Activity Tracker

IEEE Bangladesh Section Student Activities Committee (IEEE BDS SAC) initiated a new way to share the activities of all student branches with the SAC and other branch members across the country. For this, IEEE BDS SAC has developed a Google Spreadsheet that can be updated online by the SB chairs so that all members of the section can view and get to know what events are happening at other SBs.

The spreadsheet contains separate sheets for each of the student branches. The Chairs from all branches are to collaborate on the file and update the activities of their branches in the respective student branch sheet.
The main purpose of this tracker is to facilitate information flow among branches. Branches can quickly see where they are standing with respect to other branches in terms of activities. Branches can also adopt best practices from other fellow branches. They can easily see what others are doing and can implement same idea in their branch. Besides, Low performing branches can take inspiration from high performing branches.
This tracker will become a repository of year around events.

Link to Activity Tracker.