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1st General Meeting of IEEE PES Bangladesh Chapter ExCom-2020

Event Name: General Meeting of IEEE PES Bangladesh Chapter

Date: Monday, 4th May, 2020

Time: 11:30 AM-12:30 PM

Place: Virtual meeting platform ‘Zoom’

Presented Ex. Com. Members: 8 Members.

** Chair: Professor Dr. Shahidul Islam Khan,

** Secretary: Mr. Mohaimenul Islam,

** Treasurer: Mr. Redwan Ferdous

** Educational Activities Coordinator: Ms. Rummana Rahman,

** Industry Activities Coordinator: Engr. Md. Manzurul Hassan,

** Membership Development Coordinator: Mr. Farihal Abedin,

** PES Outreach Coordinator: Engr. S. M. Nurul Islam Faruk

** Newsletter and Publicity Coordinator: Mr. Md. Zahidul Anam

Meeting Agenda:

1. General Discussion about Pandemic

2. Discussion about past event

3. Announcement about running Event

4. Proposed Event:

            Online Competition (Datathon)

            Prevention method of locust swarm (Idea contest EnLight)

            HAC event (Webinar- Impact of pandemic on power engineers)

            Online Power System Simulation Workshop

5. ICEPE 2020

6. Future Plans

7. Photo session on screen

8. Meeting End

Meeting Minutes of IEEE PES Bangladesh Chapter’s General Meeting on 4th May, 2020


The Executive Committee of IEEE Power & Energy Society Bangladesh Chapter-2020 attended a general meeting on May 4, 2020. Due to the locked down situation for corona virus pandemic, the meeting was held virtually through ‘Zoom’. IEEE PES BD Chapter Chair Prof. Dr. Shahidul Islam Khan inaugurated the meeting at 11:30 AM and it continued till 12:30 PM. At first Prof. Khan discussed on the current situation worldwide due to Covid-19 disease. He mentioned that students should keep themselves busy in brainstorming to look for technical solutions to combat not only coronavirus but also the locust swarm that attacked in some parts of the world. Following that, Mr. Mohaimenul Islam, Secretary of the committee, briefed on all the activities of IEEE PES BDC in 2020 that are done, ongoing and proposed.

On January 26th, 2020, this chapter organized a technical seminar on “Journey of Transformers from Design to Production” in collaboration with IEEE PES Brac University Student Branch Chapter. It was conducted by Engr. Rabiul Alam, CEO, Energypac Engineering Ltd., and Md. Jahangir Al Jilani, Managing Director, Reverie Power, and Automation Engineering Ltd. Almost 80 participants along with IEEE members and IEEE PES BD Chapter Ex-Com. members were present at the event.

An Online Article Writing Contest on ‘Electrical Engineering Research to Combat Corona Virus Pandemic’ is ongoing where any student can participate to share their ideas and analysis on this issue. The best articles will be reported at R10 Newsletter, PES E-News and IEEE PES Bangladesh Chapter Facebook Page. Besides that, they will get e-certificates.

After the discussion on previous and running events, Mr. Redwan Ferdous, Treasurer of the committee drawn everyone’s attention on proposed events. The committee has decided to organize a series of online events in coming days to engage the students more in productive and learning activities keeping in consideration the lockdown. Proposed events and probable facilitator are as follows:

As a part of the decision to organize at least two Idea Contests every year on contemporary issues, an Idea Contest will be organized on the prevention method of Locust Swarm “Enlight” within May.

Ms. Rummana Rahman, Senior Lecturer, North South University and Educational Activities Coordinator of IEEE PES BDC will organize an online training session on a power system software. IEEE PES BDC will provide necessary technical support.

Humanity Activities Coordinator, Dr. A. S. Nazmul Huda gave his consent to drive a webinar about Covid-19 effects on power sector of Bangladesh.

Datathon, a data analysis competition will be held after Eid-ul-Fitr. To bring this event in light, Mr. Farihal Abedin, membership Development Coordinator & Engr. S. M. Nurul Islam Faruk, PES Outreach Coordinator will work jointly.

Engr. S. M. Nurul Islam Faruk, will organize e webinar regarding his expertise on power system field.

As per decision of the Executive Committee, the 2nd International Conference on Energy and Power Engineering (ICEPE) is postponed to the following year due to the pandemic. Lastly, Mr. Redwan Ferdous, Treasurer, IEEE PES BDC has agreed to take initiatives for opening two more PES Student Branch Chapters in two requested universities.

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