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A technical seminar on “Journey of Transformers from Design to Production.”

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February 2020

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IEEE Power & Energy Society – Bangladesh Chapter along with IEEE PES Bracu Student Branch Chapter has successfully organized a technical seminar on “Journey of Transformers from Design to Production” on Sunday, January 26th, 2020. Engr. Rabiul Alam, CEO, Energypac Engineering Ltd., and Md. Jahangir Al Jilani, Managing director, Reverie Power, and Automation Engineering Ltd, were the guest speaker for the seminar who conducted the whole session. Prof. Mohammad Tamim, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Brac University, Prof. Arshad Chowdhury, Dean of Engineering and Computer Science of Brac University, Prof. Shahidul Islam Khan, Chairperson of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Brac University along with other Faculty Members were present at the Seminar. The seminar was enlightening and enjoyed by the students from different backgrounds.

Prof. Shahidul Islam Khan started the Seminar with his opening speech. He gave a short brief regarding IEEE Bracu Student Branch, its activities and stuff. He also shared his experience in practical and field works and inspired everyone to get involved with various co-curricular activities to get the benefit for the future.

After his short opening speech, prof. Arshad Chowdhury came to the stage and talked about the importance of transforming engineering knowledge to practical field. Being his first-ever public interaction event with the EEE department, he was overwhelmed by the hospitality and the arrangement made by the IEEE Bracu Student Branch and wished them all the best for the future. After his speech, it was time for the main event to start, began by a short description of the guest speaker, Md. Jahangir Al Jilani, before he was called on the stage to start the seminar. He showed his gratitude by thanking everyone, especially IEEE Bracu SB and IEEE PES for organizing and inviting him to such an event. He started by talking about the establishment of REVERIE, a vision from his varsity life with his friends and teachers from BUET, an idea to reduce using overprized foreign equipment and start building and using native equipment in the low price. Consisting of about 200 Engineers and approximately 400 workers, REVERIE is a big team to support to any kind of Electrical solution. After the short introductory speech, he shared a short video with the audience regarding the overall concepts of REVERIE, its whereabouts, various branches, and its activities and Stuffs. After this, he gave a brief lecture to the audience about the basic ideas of making the transformer, starting from a single line diagram, various types, switchgear mechanisms, protection equipment, raw materials etc. He talked about the sketching mechanisms of a transformer ensuring minimum power losses, its related formulas to calculate the minimum losses, talked about winding types and objectives for that, core and assembly, transpositions, designing procedures and many other Kinds of Stuff which were not only knowledgeable but also interesting as well. He also briefly talked about alternator synch methods, its objectives, and importance.

In the next part of his speech, he briefly talked about marine applications provided by REVERIE. He finally took his session into conclusion again thanking the audience for attending the session and patiently hearing him deliver his speech. “Let’s dream big, make innovative ideas, execute them and make Bangladesh enriched in the automation sector,” quoted Md. Jilani before finishing his speech.

After the session of Md. Jilani, Prof. Shahidul Islam khan again came up to the stage and introduced the next guest speaker, Engr. Rabiul Alam, CEO, Energypac Engineering Ltd., to the audiences before finally leaving the stage for Engr. Rabiul.Engr. Rabiul started his speech with a quote, “Don’t be a job seeker, be a job giver.” He tried to inspire the audiences by sharing his activities on the commercial sides and achievements and gave a short briefing about the start of Energypac, its evolution, and the journey to becoming one of the largest industry in the subcontinent. He also talked about the global involvement regarding repairing and selling transformer and stuff. Energypac is also the first Bangladeshi company on power-plant engineering and electrical service providing stuff. His purpose from the very beginning was to establish a healthy place for Bangladesh in the global market, which he surely was able to achieve. He expressed his optimism about the power sector in Bangladesh and inspired the audiences to work in this huge potential site. He concluded his speech again thanking everyone and wishing all the best for the upcoming generations.

After the wonderful session from Engr. Rabiul Alam, Prof. Mohammad Tamim, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Brac University, came to the stage to deliver his speech as well as closing the seminar. He talked about the importance of having technical knowledge especially for a developing country like Bangladesh. Bangladesh is going through a huge industrial change and both Energypac and REVERIE are working pretty hard to make sure that positive changes keep happening for the betterment to the future. There must be so many challenges to be faced in order to achieve top successes but we should always be prepared for overcoming those challenges, said Prof. Tamim.

The three and a half-hour long seminar ended with the crest being handed over to the guest speakers by Prof. Mohammad Tamim, Prof. Arshad Chowdhury and Prof. Shahidul Islam Khan, photo-session with the guest speakers, the invited guests and the audience altogether and a short snack session for refreshment.

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