IEEE Computer Society Bangladesh Chapter

Team SPARK is the student body of the IEEE Computer Society Bangladesh Chapter (IEEE CS BDC). Team SPARK comprises young energetic undergraduate students who work under the supervision of IEEE CS BDC. Full form of SPARK is Student Professional Activities RecKoning

Features :

  • This team will support IEEE CS BDC Ex-Com to execute its vision.
  • This team management will formed and time to time adapted by appointment. A member can serve at least one year and at best three years.
  • The team will act as an institution and must be branded with its own online platform and in all IEEE CS BDC venture. This helps this team to attract and recruit best people.
  • The IEEE CS BDC Ex-Com will help these young individuals to guide them into good career or opportunities or achievements.
  • The members of this team will be subject to certificate from IEEE CS BDC after one year of service and ceremonial honor after 3 years of service.