Seminar: CV and Deep Learning – A Marriage of Neuroscience and ML

IEEE Signal Processing Society, Bangalore Chapter and Department of EE, Indian Institute of Science Invite you to the following talk:

SPEAKER   :  Prof. Ardhendu Behera, Associate Professor (Reader), Edge Hill University, UK

TITLE          : “Computer Vision and Deep Learning – A Marriage of Neuroscience and Machine Learning”

Venue            :  MMCR Room No C241, First Floor, EE Dept.

Date & Time :  Dec 20, 2019, 04:00 PM


For almost 10 decades, human vision researchers have been studying how the human vision system has evolved. While computer vision is a much younger discipline, it has achieved impressive results in many detection and classification tasks (e.g. object recognition, scene classification, face recognition, etc.) within a short span of time. Computer vision is one of the fastest growing fields and one of the reasons is due to the amount of video/image data from urban environment growing exponentially (e.g. 24/7 cameras, social media sources, smart city, etc.). The scale and diversity of these videos/images make it very difficult to extract reliable information to automate in a timely manner. Recently, Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (DCNNs) have shown impressive performance for solving visual recognition tasks when trained on large-scale datasets. However, such progresses face challenges when rolling into automation and production. These include enough data of good quality, executives’ expectations about model performance, responsibility and trustworthiness in decision making, data ingest, storage, security and overall infrastructure, as well as understanding how machine learning differ from software engineering.

In this talk, I will focus on recent progress in advancing human action/activity and behaviour recognition from images/videos, addressing the research challenges of relational learning, deep learning, human pose, human-objects interactions and transfer learning. I will then briefly describe some of our recent efforts to adopt these challenges in automation and robotics, in particular human-robot social interaction, in-vehicle activity monitoring and smart factories.

Speaker Bio:

Ardhendu Behera is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in the Department of Computer Science in Edge Hill University (EHU). Prior to this, he held post-doc positions at the universities of Fribourg (2006-07) and Leeds (2007-14). He holds a PhD from University of Fribourg, MEng from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and BEng from NIT Allahabad. He is leading the visualisation theme of the Data and Complex Systems Research Centre at the EHU. He is also a member of Visual Computing Lab. His main research interests are computer vision, deep learning, pattern recognition, robotics and artificial intelligence. He applies this interest to interdisciplinary research areas such as monitoring and recognising suspicious behaviour, human-robot social interactions, autonomous vehicles, monitoring driving behaviour, healthcare and patient monitoring, and smart environments. Dr Behera has been involved in various outreach activities and some of his research are covered by media, press, newspaper and television.




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