Half Day Workshop on “Humanoid Robots”

IEEE Signal Processing Society Bangalore Chapter invites you to the following event:




Presented by     Harsha Kikkeri

                             CEO, Holosuit Pte Ltd, Mysore

Venue:               ECE Dept, Golden Jubilee Hall, Indian Institute of Science

Date/Time:        Friday, 2nd August 2019, 2-6 pm


Program :

1:30-2pm –         On the spot Registration (if available)

2-3 pm –             Talk:   How to build a Humanoid Robot and Control it

3-3:15 pm –       Q & A

3:15 – 3:45pm   XPrize Humanoid $10 million challenge Presentation

3:45-4:15pm –  Q & A

4:15-4:30          Tea break

4:30-6pm          Workshop on Robots and Virtual Reality and discussion.

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Abstract: How to build a Humanoid Robot and Control it?

Building Humanoid Robots is the holy grail of robotics. From Honda’s Asimov, to Boston Dynamics Atlas there have been various attempts to build general purpose humanoid robots. This talk will explore various challenges involved in building an end-to-end humanoid robot and will showcase some of the solutions to some of these challenges. Some of the challenges this talk will focus on will be building the hardware in the form factor with the accuracy required without making it cost prohibitive, while still able to control it. The kind of simulation and learning involved in mapping and navigating unpredictive terrain, grasping and manipulating objects using hands, bipedal motion and control, environmental understanding, task planning, learn by demonstration capabilities, the underlying open sources tools and hardware sensors/actuators which are required for a Humanoid Robot. There will be a workshop later which will showcase some robots.


Harsha Kikkeri

Harsha Kikkeri is the CEO of Holosuit pte Ltd where he is building HoloSuit – An AI enabled full body analytics platform which acts as a virtual trainer for your body. He has over 18 years experience working on IoT, augmented/virtual reality, aerial and ground robots with expertise in drones, sensor fusion and machine learning. He did pioneering research at Microsoft Robotics in USA building robots which could learn by demonstration. He has won numerous leadership awards including Gold Star from Microsoft, Excellence Award from Infosys, Bharat Petrleoum Scholarship and has won numerous chess tournaments. He has Masters in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University, NY and BE Electronics from SJCE, Mysore, India. He holds 44 international patents from US, Europe, China, Japan and other countries. He is a TedX speaker. He had the honor of working under Dr TVSreenivas at IISc which led him into the field of digital signal processing and eventually into Robotics.

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