Seminar: Multisensory Integration in the Brain


Department of Computational and Data Sciences and IEEE SP Bangalore Chapter invite you for the following seminar

SPEAKER  : Dr. Shirin Dora, Post Doc

TITLE         : Multisensory Integration in the Brain

Date/Time   : February 14, 2019 (Thursday) 04:00 PM

Venue          : 102 CDS Seminar Hall.


Multisensory integration is a phenomenon by which the brain infers coherent and robust representations using incoming sensory information in different modalities. It plays a significant role in perception as well as all cognitive functions from memory to decision-making. Because of its inherent multimodal nature, it is harder to study in experiments and many open questions exist regarding its underlying neural mechanisms. In my research, I approach this problem from two different perspectives using computational models in conjunction with experimental data. In the first method, I focus on understanding the neurobiological mechanisms that might support multisensory integration. I will show that deep neural networks trained using predictive coding can account for neuronal properties like selectivity and sparsity along the visual cortical hierarchy. In the second method focus shifts to identifying the underlying structures necessary for multisensory integration rather than the intermediate mechanisms that yield these structures


Shirin Dora completed his PhD in machine learning from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. His research focused on developing biologically plausible learning approaches for spiking neural networks. During his PhD, he developed a keen interest in the mechanisms of perception and cognition in the brain. This led him to pursue a post-doctoral research in computational neuroscience in the cognitive and systems neuroscience group at the University of Amsterdam. In his postdoctoral research, he collaborates with experimentalists in building models of perception and multisensory integration in the brain.



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