Members Contribution

Many the ExCom are invited for talks, they are part of organizing committee of conference, workshop and so on. In this page, few highlights of their contributions are listed.

Dr Dilip Krishnaswamy

  • General Co-chair- ICDCN at IISc,
  • TPC Co-chair – NCC at IISc,
  • TPC Co-chair for the IEEE 5G World Forum
Talk/Keynotes/Tutorial/Panel, etc
  1. Keynotes at ADCOM 2019
  2. LIGO panel related to gravitational waves at VITM – would you be interested in listing that? Some work that I had done in this area got published in a reputed physics journal.
  3. Invited Talk at NCC at IISc: Distributed Smart Networks: A convergence of 5G, IoT, AI, and Blockchain –
  4. Invited talk on “IoT, Blockchains, and AI for Mobility” at the Mobi Colloquium, Smart Cities India event New Delhi –
  5. Panelist at:   (Trescon world blockchain summit)


Subhas Mondal

  1. NASSCOM NIPP mobility challenge webinar on 5G technology for the contestants – 24-Apr-2019 –
  2. IEEE 5G Seminar speaker in PES college – “Is 5G a game changer”, 27-Apr-2019 –
  3. Speaking session in IEEE 5th World Forum on Internet of Things on “ 5G System optimization” over webex, 18 Apr 2019,
  4. Panel speaker in Linux Foundation DPDK summit – 9th March 2019 –,
  5. Invited panel speaker in SITM, Pune on the panel titled – “ 5G Fluctuating Fortunes: Traversing Through Unknown Terrains”.
  6. Speaking session in India EU Stakeholders Workshop on 5G Technology Landscape, on Optical Wireless communication – 5-6 Feb, 2019,,
  7. Invited speaking session on 5G in IIT Kharagpur on Research scholar’s day, 11 Jan 2019
  8. Speaking session on 5G in India EU conference on “Future ICT for sustainable cities”, 23 Jan 2019,
  9. Speaking session in ICDCN on “Real time Network Analytics at 5G Edge” – 06 Jan 2019,
  10. Speaking session on “Cognitive Automation in 5G” in the last miles workshop in IEEE COMSNETS international conference – 7 Jan 2019,
  11. Tutorial session on 5G real time network analytics in  the FIRST IETE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE INDIA-2018 (IICI-2018) on IoT, Data Analytics, Big Data & 5G, 13 Dec 2018,
  12. Panel speaking session on “convergence in technologies” in the FIRST IETE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE INDIA-2018 (IICI-2018) on IoT, Data Analytics, Big Data & 5G, 14 Dec 2018
  13. Workshop speaker in IEEE 5G-FWT2018 in conjunction with ANTS on “ Cognitive Automation in 5G” – 19 Dec 2018
  14. Panel speaker in IEEE ANTS on “ 5G changing the game for Agriculture, Health Care, Smart Cities and Manufacturing verticals” – 19 Dec 2018,
  15. 5G overview presentation in IDRBT (Hyderabad) 5G workshop – 3 Dec 2018
  16. Speaking session in Intel MEC meetup on “ Real time Network Analytics – 17 Nov, 2018,
  17. Invited speaking session in IEEE-BIS 5G seminar at IIT, Kanpur, 18 Oct 2018,
  18. Panel speaker in “NFV & Carrier SDN” international conference in Denver, 24 Sept, 2018 on “ Edge- overcoming the challenges” , (updated with upcoming event now)
  19. IEEE ICICIC Conference, Indore, Aug-2017, Keynote speech on “Transformation of Telecom Network” ,
  20. Speaker in IEEE workshop on Evolution of DC in the context of MEC and 5G – 27 July, 2018,
  21. Speaking session IEEE 5G workshop on ITS, 23 Nov 2018 –
  22. Speaking session in IEEE 5G technology workshop on “Autonomic Network Management”, 30 June 2018 –
  23. Keynote speaker and jury in MNNIT Hackathon, Hack36, 27 Jan 2018,,

Dr Navin Kumar

  • Steering Chair: IEEE PhD EDITS, 18 Aug 2019
  • Workshop Chair 5G Summit 1 (12 Apr 2019), 5G Summit-2 (17 Aug 2019)
  • TPC Co-Chair, IEEE CONECCT, Jul 2019
  • Local Arrangement Co-Chair, NCC, Feb 2019
  • General Chair – EAI 2nd UBICNET, Feb 2019
  • TPC Co-Chair, IConDSC, Mar 2019
  1. Invited talk: “Spectrum Sharing in 5G”, during One day workshop on 5G Technology, at RV College of Engineering, Bangalore, 16 Oct 2019
  2. Invited talk on 2 day Workshop on “Research Methodology and IEEE AuthorshipLab”, Chirst University, Lavasa, Pune -India, 12-13 Sep 2019
  3. Invited talk “Beyond 5G – Wireless Communication Era 2050”, during 2nd IEEE ComSoc 5G Summit: 5G and Future Networks, Nokia Bangalore, 17 Aug 2019
  4. Invited talk “Evolution of 5G from 4G and Challenges and Opportunities in mmWave based 5G Design”,  TEQIP supported FDP on State of Art on RF and Wireless Communication Design, at BMSIT, 29 Jul 2019
  5. Invited talk “5G Architecture and mmWave Channel Modeling”,  TEQIP supported FDP on Wireless Networks: a Smart City Perspective, at BMSIT, 17 Jun 2019
  6. Invited talk on 2 day Workshop on “Research Methodology and IEEE AuthorshipLab”, Chirst University, Lavasa, Pune -India, 13-14 Apr 2019

Dr Aloknath De




Dr Ganesan Thiagarajan