Start A Student Branch Chapter

A Society (chapter) Student Branch comes within the STUDENT BRANCH. The institution, who wishes to start IEEE Student Branch should file a petition to IEEE Global. Please download instruction and know the requirements by clicking on this (FOR STUDENT BRANCH). IEEE student_branch_formation_No Form For form and other details, please contact here.

The Student Branch has to be Active. This means that student branch should conduct events (at least 3-events a year) and report about the events using vTool. Section/Society chair/secretary will explain you about this.

If your institute already has Active Student Branch, you can file a petition to form Chapter (society) Student Branch for Example, “ComSoc Student Chapter”. For more details about the requirements, please click here (FOR STUDENT BRANCH CHAPTER) .IEEE student_branch_chapter_formation_NO Form

Now please visit the link (it is online submission).
Please scroll down on above page to look for:

Forming an IEEE geographic unit

Petitions for Student Branches, Student Branch Chapters, Student Affinity Groups, Technical Chapters, Joint Chapters, Affinity Groups, Sections and Subsections can be submitted online.

Access Petition Form

Click on this above link. You need to log in with your IEEE account login and follow the submission.

For more and details, please Contact US


A ComSoc Student Branch Chapter is a chapter which represents a society chapter of IEEE in a student branch. Your college will have a Student Branch. With this student branch society chapter can be formed and carry out activities.

If you have few ComSoc students (minimum 6) post graduate or undergraduate, you can file a petition. One of your faculty who is also the ComSoc member, will be working as Advisor.

ComSoc Bangalore chapter will be happy to help you to start the chapter. Contact Us to find the details.