Annual General Meeting (AGM) 6th January 2019 (2pm onward)

Venue – Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering, Kumaraswamy Layout (near Banashankari – Less than 1.5km from J P Nagar Metro)

All are cordially invited

Many surprises –

Students – Best Student Branch ComSoc Chapter

Best Student Volunteer

Longest Term ComSoc Student Member


Facilitation to Recently Elevated Fellow and Senior Members

Longest Serving ComSoc Volunteers

Local DL Certificate

Industry Collaboration

and many more….


The agenda for the 2nd IEEE ComSoc AGM 2019
  1. Welcome address
  2. Approval of the Minutes of Previous (1st) ComsSoc AGM
  3. Presentation of the 2018 Activities Report
  4. Presentation of the 2018 Financial Report
  5. Reports of IEEE ComSoc Student Chapters
  6. Awards presentation – all surprise
a) Longest duration as IEEE ComSoc Student Member (Will be selected among the student members who will be present at the meeting
b) Longest duration IEEE ComSoc Professional Member (those who will be present there, given)
c) Local DL Certificate distribution – Many experts have given 2 or more talks in year 2018 who are listed in the data base of experts at ComSoc website. ComSoc has promised to give them certificate and ….
  A separate invitation will be sent to them.
d) Facilitation to Recent (2018) elevated Senior member from ComSoc Chapter  – request all members who are elevated to Sr Member to join the AGM.
e) Facilitation to Recent Elevated Fellow Member from ComSoc Chapter
f)  Long term association of Industry with ComSoc
g) Best ComSoc Student Branch Chapter
7. Address by special invitees / Bangalore Section representatives –
8 Slate Presentation
9. Felicitation of Immediate Past IEEE ComSoc Chair
10.Presentation of the new IEEE ComSoc EXECOM
11.Address by IEEE ComSoc Chairman
12. Vote of Thanks



Minutes of the Meeting: By B N Pal (the Chair)

Attendees:- Munir, Navin, Prakash, Kishore, Pal

 Our Vice-Chair Dilip was the only person, who informed us in advance. Rest, we would like to request you to join the calls or meetings organized for you.

 Here are the minutes

1.      Cheque signing- Prof. Srinivas and Dr.Lakshmi will continue. We will inform Bank to include Bholanath Pal (BN PAL) as 3rd signatory

2.      Anand is requested to help Lakshmi-madam for maintain and reporting in IEEE system of our accounts

3.      A/C opening formalities to be completed

4.      Dr. Naveen- should do the same for VTools and other reporting- Till March (from Jan 2016)- 3month’s our activities should  be reported through VTools

5.      Student Chapter Target- 5 for 2016. Now we have only one “Amrita”. Munir is talking to  RV College and JSS-Mysore. All of us should try to talk to IEEE Branch Councilors in Institutions and help students Chapters to Grow.

6.      Naveen should experiment with “SAMIEEE” and get listserv comsoc mailing lest access for himself and PAL. In the meantime, we plan to continue with what Dr. Srinivas has.

7.      New Execom to be updated in comsoc portal. Munir took action yester- most probably by Monday new list will be updated at

8.      PAL has been assigned to inform you to send “ your thought process and plan of how we can take our Bangalore Comsoc forward: I therefore, request you to send soon (preferably within this weekend) your suggestions

9.      All of us should send a list of conference we should organize this year- Please share your thoughts with this team

10.   Celebrating E. Shannon’s centenary Birthday: Prof Srinivas is organizing on 30th April at IISc campus (IoT Challenge), Prakash has suggested on 29th do a joint session at CDoT Bangalore, where CDoT will have one speaker and one from Academia- prof. Hari or Prof, Das. Prakash to speak to his Director and comeback to us

11.   Website- Naveen to look into all issues

12.   Prof. Naveen to organize 5G / IoT conference, preferable in May / not later than June

13.   It seems Prof. Navin and Prof Srinivas has access and right to Comsoc-Bangalore Chapter all members Listserv mailing list. Pal has to be trained on this by Naveen

14.   Prakash has suggested to get best practices from an excellent Comsoc Chapter globally. Pal had suggested to consider proposing them Sister organization status. Munir- said he has  some info on our not so active sister organization- Munir to take acre

15.   Attached the presentation which was presented to chapter chair meeting earlier this month- Please send your comments. If agreed, let us try to achieve what is mentioned in the list

16.   Please add if anything I missed

WEDNESDAY (13 April, 2016) TeleConf

Dear All

   Lets have telecall meeting on Wednesday evening 7pm. Try for 100% strength.

Any suggestions, agenda, time adjustment, please discuss.

Please include agenda here:

(i) 100th Shannon Birthday Celebration

(ii) Plan for the year

(iii) 5G IoT Workshop on 21-23rd July, 2016

(iv) Webpage ComSoc…

(v) …NetSuit etc

(vii) Additional team members

(vii) Pending and discussed agenda from previous meeting

(viii)….any other..please add

PS: Request input/reply from all. In many cases (email), people dont reply at all. Please participate in discussion.

The same is being put on agenda on our site.

Thanks and regards





Minutes of the Meeting and Comments:

Roll Call:

  • Dr. Srinivas T
  • Dr. Lakshmi
  • Dr. Navin
  • Lt. Kishore AT
  • BN Pal
  • Dilip Krishnaswamy
  • Munir


  • Handing/Taking over
  • Address by outgoing and incoming chair
  • Introduction by all members
  • IEEE Netsuite Reporting
  • Operations mechanism


    • VTools – Update the event right after the event within the 2 days of the event
      • Access to vtools for Dr. Navin
    • Website:
      • Use the new themes
      • Update the previous events to be handed over to Dr. Navin
      • Add some pics
      • Add profile pics and profiles of execom members (send to Dr. Navin)
      • Add pics scrolling
    • Business Cards for ComSoc ExeCom members
    • Group Email – IEEE-BLR-COMSOC-EXECOM


  • Do we have to remove the members who are in the list but are not in the nominations? – BN Pal to get back


  • Sub Committees
    • Technical Activities – 2 from Bangalore (Dr. Navin and Dilip Krishnawamy) from 2 ends and 4 from Outside Bangalore (ExeCom members to suggest from Mysore, Mangalore, Belgavi, Bidar)
      1. 1 Hr Tech Talks
      2. DLT/Local DLT – ComSoc Member
      3. Workshops ½ day
      4. 1 or 2 Day Workshops & FDPs
      5. Seminars/Conferences
      6. International Conference
    • Standards (Dilip & Prakash)
    • Industry Relations – (Shashidhara Dongre)
    • Students Activities – (Lt. Kishore AT )
    • Membership Development – (Lt. Kishore AT )
    • Marketing/Publicity (DLT/Experts) – (Munir)
    • Liasioning with other chapters, Blr sections, sub sections, India Council etc (BN Pal & Radha Krishna)
    • Finance and Budgeting (Lakshmi & Anand)
  • Financial Accounting handover done –
    • Dr. Lakshmi to talk to Puneet and take the suggestion on taxes and auditing
    • BN Pal to send an email to Puneet
  • Dr Srinivas T to request access for VTools, Netsuite & SAMIEEE and also provide training for ExeCom members
  • Best paper award – Annually for a ComSoc Members published journals or international conferences can submit – INR 20K
    • 30K budget and awarded 1 / comsoc event
  • Request all ComSoc ExeCom Members to provide their vision for our chapter by 21st March 2016


  1. Access of WebSite and Updates:  I sent you earlier mail (dont want to repeat again). If some one has any knowledge of a person who is expert in WordPress, I can contact him/her. We are given limited access:
  2. vTools – I have updated the ExeCom ComSoc  meeting of 16 th March and few talks. I requested you all to send me information, if you were involved in any such activity.
  3. Request a decision (Chair B N Pal can take) on to send a reminder to all previous ExeCom members and request if they want to continue. In that case, we can request them to be part of a sub committee (suggested above); A sample of letter which can be sent to them:   

Dear Sir/Madam: As you are aware that a New Committee ComSoc ExeCom is formed recently headed by Mr B N Pal. However, we want to retain the members who are willing to be the part of ComSoc (based on fulfillment of the requirements). We have formed many different sub-committees to broaden our activities and ensure smooth, effective and efficient implementation. Please indicate your willingness towards the same.

Requirements to be in ComSoc ExeCom:

Should be IEEE ComSoc Society Members

Willing to participate in schedule meetings (some %age attendance need to be fixed)

Able to recommend 2-3 members (own collegues) to join ComSoc (can be relaxed).


  1. No inputs are received from members for VISION DOCUMENT for 2016-17. (Even for 2016 can be prepared).


  1. My suggestions:   Let us conduct
    1. 2-days Workshop on “RESEARCH METHODOLOGY”. Many research scholar will be participating. Timing, could be in June-July (good revenue is expected)
    2. Continue having 2 days 5G Technology Workshop:  Sep/Oct 2016
    3. Lets us do one on “IoT and Sensors” related 2 days workshop
    4. Celebrate some function in open area (fun and joy) in city or mall for 1-2 hrs on IEEE days
  2. Set the meeting schedule – may be keep following the last year plan :

3rd Wednesday every month (one month Teleconf while next month Physical meet).


Any other —  Please give your inputs by TOMORROW (24th March 2359 Hrs)




16 March, 2016 – 6PM-7.30PM

Venue: IEEE India Office, Yeshwantpur


(i) Handing/taking over

(ii) Address by Outgoing and Incoming chair

(iii) Introduction by all members (if anyone new)

(iv) EEE Nesuite Reporting – Bangalore Chapter COM-19 **Due by 15 March**

(v) Plan for the events and many more… schedule meeting like earlier we had Alternate Month 3rd Week of Wed – face to face meeting. Every alternate month 3rd Wed, TeleCall. What about this time?


Shashidhara– Reaching out to ComSoc members, conducting events/meetings at different locations –

I feel we must give a memento from IEEE for all the people who have worked behind the scenes at a public function.

A T Kishore – To introduce a novel idea on creating awareness to our school going children in ninth class or 11th class [avoiding 10th and 12 due to their exam pressure] by inviting their views on what would the world need from Technologies, be it IoT or beyond, in simple wish list

Top three such views, we will rank based on repeats of same from many and the positive impact they have will be in final list and we give them one minute to speak in a big forum including say ANTS or Sensors and even Globecom
Thereafter we will encourage them to continue to collaborate with IEEE as student chapter members from their engineering studies onwards

Dr Dilip –Shall we give out some annual student best paper awards for papers presented in an IEEE comsoc conference within the local IEEE comsoc community (if we do not do this yet)? That could encourage students to write papers for comsoc conferences, present their research, get recognized at least within the community (if not at the conference), etc. I suppose that we might want the student to be an IEEE student comsoc member to be eligible for such an award (but that might restrict the available pool of papers – we could discuss this tomorrow). Should we do this for regular comsoc members also or should we just do this for student members?

Perhaps we can also host an event that brings these local best paper awardees together to present their work. Other students could attend (non-comsoc as well) to get inspired to do similar research? Anyway, this is just a thought. Also, perhaps Profs Hari / Neelesh could give an inspiring talk at such an event on how to methodically pursue research starting from an idea to write a sound completed research paper draft?

Anand –
Some suggestions:

1. Activities Tab

1. For all concluded events/activities organised/sponsored by IEEE COMSOC Bangalore chapter
2. Example: 5G workshop 2015

2. Events Tab

1. For all up-coming events/activities organised/sponsored by IEEE COMSOC Bangalore chapter (not to be confused with NEWS tab).

2. Example: TDPOC 2016

3. Links Tab

1. Link to various IEEE websites like
1. IEEE Main website
2. IEEE COMSOC website
3. IEEE India Website
4. IEEE Bangalore Chapter
6. IEEE Xplore
7. Links to other chapters of IEEE Sections (Bombay/Kerala/Pune/Hyderabad)
2. These links are for convenience.
4. Officers tab can be improved
1. Brief profile and photo
2. List of past officers (year wise)
3. We can give our IEEE e-mail alias if possible



suggestions and agenda points requested.