Upcoming Seminar/Talk

*IEEE ComSoc Bangalore* invites you to a session on *INTELLIGENT REFLECTING SURFACES: Fundamentals, Applications, Challenges and Future Trends* on *Jan 30th* at *10 AM*

In this two part talk on the topic of intelligent reflecting surfaces (IRS), we first introduce this new field by motivitating it from the perspective of 6G communications, as an evolution of next generation wireless communication systems. Next, we highlight the key differences between ambient backscattering communication (ABC) and IRS. Later, we present a detailed study on the mathematical models for IRS-based communications, and discuss key applications. Furthermore, we discuss the future research trends and the potential of IRS to coexist with other 6G-related technologies. Finally, we provide the concluding remarks, and list some of the unsolved problems in theory and practice.

*Registration link: https://forms.gle/YT8aXuKtP2gXsVu
*The session is free to attend for all, however, registration is obligatory*