Webinar: The Road to Becoming a Professional Engineer (PE)



IEEE Power & Energy Society Young Professionals Webinar Series

The Road to Becoming a Professional Engineer (PE)

01 July 2015 1:00 pm eastern

Presented by Kevin Maynard P.E.
Technical Leader, Eaton Corporation


A great deal of people are aware of the process and path towards degrees in higher education though not as many people know the process and path towards obtaining your professional engineer certification. This talk will provide a road map of how to obtain a professional engineers license using several case studies across the United States. An attendee will see the benefit of obtaining the certification from both a career growth and educational stand point. An attendee will also be able to identify if their career choices would be enhanced by achieving professional certification. Topics of discussion will also include preparation techniques for the FE and the PE, ways to document design experience, and engineering ethics law after you have your license. Recent graduates and engineers in the first 5 years of their careers should attend this webinar. All engineers interested in professional growth will benefit by attendance at this webinar.