Sabah is a naturalist’s paradise that offers an abundant array of nature related activities such as diving, jungle trekking and wildlife spotting. Be adventurous and opt for adrenaline- pumping activities such as paragliding and white water rafting.


Sabah’s wealth of natural beauty makes golfing here a once – in – a lifetime experience not to be missed. From the picturesque courses in tranquil settings to the most challenging terrains, Sabah’s golf clubs offer a spectrum of experiences for the avid golfers.




The land of Sabah thrives on unique and picturesque sight seeing destinations that warmly welcome tourists from all around the world. There’s absolutely everything from everyone, ranging from weekly markets (tamu), historical remains site,the Sabah State Museum, the Sabah Art Gallery, as well as other places of interest. There is plethora of things for visitors to feast their eyes on.

Shop and Swipe

Arts and crafts enthusiasts will have the delight of their lives in Sabah. There are assortments of gorgeous batik clothes, beaded accessories, as well as traditional wooden handicrafts to pick and choose from. Beautiful as self and house decorations, the authentic Sabahan crafts also make excellent gifts and souvenirs for friends and family. For bargain hunters, the Sabahan signature tamu market will be an excellent place to haunt such as handmade crafts, crystals, antiques, seafood, local cakes, veggies and exotic fruits-all going at very affordable prices.

Rest & Relax

With its combinations of exquisite beaches, magnificent jungles and wide choices of cafes and restaurants; ‘rest and relax’ is another nomenclature for the ‘Land below the Wind’. From hitting the beaches, to birdwatching, to trying out exotic foods—visitors can pick and choose for the best way to rest and relax.


Jungle Trekking

Nature adventure aficionados will be definitely enticed by the allure of Sabah’s richly blessed lush virgin jungles. In this nature delight, one can expect nothing less than to have one’s breath taken away.