The IEEE Student Branch at New Mexico Tech in Socorro has been busy!

Here are some highlights of their activities, accomplishments, and upcoming events as provided by Zach Harris, the Branch’s President:

NMT and UNM took the podium at IEEE Rising Stars 2018! We received awards for first, second, and third place in their Cyber Security Capture-the-Flag competition. Photos we took of Rising STARS

Our members are currently working on a Tesla Coil, one that will be completed by the end of this semester

We hosted a through-hole and surface-mount soldering workshop last week, many enjoyed that and we will have one again soon

We supervised two events at the Science Olympiad State Competition held at NMT this weekend. A photo of one of the events, Roller Coaster, is attached

We have many great events planned, including the following:
  • March:
    • Mini-speaker construction using op-amps
    • LaTeX and Git tutorials
    • BitCoin prediction using Machine Learning
    • Soldering for Experts workshop
  • April:
    • Tesla Coil completion
    • Reinforcement Learning workshops
    • Battle of the Brain Bots competition with UNM
    • Engineering BBQ and Ice cream social
I’ll keep you updated on these and future events that occur this year. Thank you.
Zach Harris