News & Notes

Spread the word: Attend the IEEE Oceans’17 Conference in Anchorage

IEEE is a big family of different focus areas. One of these areas, the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society, has many ties to our own Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society. in 2017, our IEEE Alaska mother institution is hosting the IEEE Oceans Conference in Anchorage. Please check out their webpage and think about submitting an abstract.

Check out our vimeo page for recordings of some of our recent lectures:

To be able to reach all of you in various regions of Alaska and beyond, we are recording the lectures of our lecture series “Remote Sensing of the Last Frontier”. You can find recent lectures on vimeo. Enjoy and share the link to people that might be interested.

Submit a paper to the Special Issue on “Ocean and Sea Ice Applications of SAR”:

Members of the IEEE AK GRSS ExCom We are involved (as guest editors) in an upcoming special issue of the Journal of Sensors entitled “Ocean and Sea Ice Applications of SAR”. Find more information in the Special Issue Announcement.

Stay informed about the Fall 2014 Alaska Airborne L-band SAR Campaign:

In mid-September, a group at UAF will start to fly a a low-cost, high-resolution UAS-ready airborne L-band radar system in Alaska to support a range of science and hazard-related applications that are relevant for the state. Please find some background information about this mission in the Summary Document.