On 13th November, 2019 IEEE Tech Talk Series on Blockchain Technology took place at ASHESI University campus. Firstly, Ing Isaac Boakye delivered a presentation on IEEE Membership and it’s benefits. After that, that Dr. Narendra Kumar (the Associate Dean, BlueCrest University, Ghana) took over the session and explained the basic architecture of the block chain and the use of cryptographic algorithms in block chain.  He talked about the consensus protocol and block formation in block chain and smart contracts were also discussed.

After explaining the basic architecture of the block chain Dr. Narendra Kumar discussed about ASIC and GPU based crypto currency mining techniques, he gave detailed presentation on how to make mining rig and the required peripheral to make the rig. He also explained about the mining software and how to add your rig to the mining pool. He also discussed wallet management in detail. Further, he showed live mining using Hive Operating system and how to take the output of mining in wallet.  Additionally he discussed all minute details about crypto currency mining.

In the last phase of the presentation Dr. Narendra Kumar discussed the application of block chain in the field of education, land management, cross border payment, international trade, KYC, Health and Security, Food Safety, Supply chain management and many other Governance operations also.  Further he discussed the programming languages used to develop the block chain projects.

The Session was concluded with a Q&A Session and Student. Students were satisfied with the outcome of Q&A Session.