Thanks to the hard work of a core group of IEEE volunteers and professional staff partners, the IEEE Xplore Digital Library contains back issues from 2006 as well as current editions of the SAIEE Africa Research Journal. The journal from the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers publishes research, survey, and expository articles in the field of electrical, electronic, computer, information, and communications engineering.

The decision to include the journal was approved by IEEE in February 2018. The IEEE Foundation provided funding for indexing issues back to 2006.


The process was rigorous. Including the SAIEE Africa Research Journal into IEEE Xplore began in January 2012 with a proposal to the staff executive for IEEE Publications and the vice president, IEEE Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB).

Over the years, several past vice presidents of PSPB were instrumental in this project including Fellow Gianluca Setti, who served in 2013 and 2014, and Fellow Sheila Hemami, who held the office in 2015 and 2016. They organized a technical review of the journal to confirm that its peer-review process was consistent with that of IEEE. To assist with the professional development of the journal’s authors, Life Fellow Jon Rokne, who served as PSPB vice president in 2009 and 2010, created a video on the processes for publishing a journal paper with IEEE.

A team of staff members who worked on the digital library helped ensure the journal articles were compatible with IEEE Xplore. They included Karen Hawkins, chief marketing officer; Renny Guida, director of product management for information products; and Naveen Maddali, senior product planning and implementation manager.

Another essential impetus behind the project was the leadership and staff of IEEE’s Ad Hoc Committee on Africa Activities, conceptualized to serve as IEEE’s representative on the continent by 2011 IEEE president Moshe Kam. Thanks also goes to senior member Vincent Kaabunga, the former chair of the committee; 2012 IEEE president Gordon Day; and IEEE senior corporate development manager Kathy Weeks.

In addition to PSPB, the Technical Activities Board approved hosting the journal on IEEE Xplore.

Under the volunteer leadership of Thavi Govender, the SAIEE Publications Committee provides oversight to all publications of the SAIEE and the society’s treasurer Viv Crone provides the specific oversight of the SAIEE-IEEE publications agreement. A consistent support to the journal has been Stan Bridgens, the SAIEE CEO.